Introducing Staffer: Staff Management for WordPress

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Staffer screenshotA handful of my clients over the past year have requested clean, organized ways to manage their sites’ staff listings. Some of them were using posts, and some were using staff static pages with custom code for formatting.  In my opinion, neither of these methods are sufficient for businesses using WordPress as a CMS. Out of the aggregate of this work comes Staffer, my new plugin that provides staff management and individual staff profiles.

It’s not an overly complex plugin. Upon activation, a new custom-post type named Staff is created, with each associated item holding several custom fields for social media profiles, a role/title and a contact link (all fields are optional).

Staffer lets businesses keep their staff section separate from the main feed, and makes it easy to add, update or remove staff members.

The only real challenge with Staffer was making it compatible with all or most of the thousands of WordPress themes out there. To handle this, I looked to WooCommerce, or more specifically, how WooThemes made their popular e-commerce platform compatible with so many themes. As a result, Staffer comes with pre-made content wrappers for a handful of popular WordPress themes, as well as a couple of options for customization.

Users can override the default wrappers within the theme options panel, making it fairly easy to fit Staffer into a majority of WordPress themes. On top of that, users can copy over either of the two templates used by Staffer into their theme directory for additional customization.

Staffer, like my other plugins and themes, is released under a GPL license and is freely available in the WordPress repository.

Download Staffer from

Here’s my to-do list for Staffer’s future. I look forward to your comments and suggestions for making it better.

Staffer To-Do:

  • Add more default wrappers for commonly used WP themes
  • Add a drag-and-drop method to re-order staff listings (users can install the Post Types Order plugin to handle this for now)
  • Various translations (the plugin is ready for this)
  • Nuclear option for optionally removing Staffer data upon plugin removal
  • Options for exporting and importing data
  • Refine sidebar option
  • Tsubasa Morioka

    Hi I installed Staffer, but how do I overwrite default wrappers to make all the pics/profile fit in the grid format?

    • edwardrj

      Hi Tsubasa, can you email me your URL so I can see what’s going on there? Something looks awry.

    • edwardrj

      Sometimes minor CSS adjustments are needed fit with custom themes. Add this to your Staffer custom CSS box to fix the problem:

  • Tsubasa Morioka

    It worked! thanks so much

  • Tsubasa Morioka

    How do I create a custom field for ‘curriculum vitae’ (resume pdf)?

  • Michael Cannon

    Great plugin. I’ve put staffer into place at, but I’ve needed to make some code changes like shortcodes and would like to contribute the code back to you. Is there a GitHub repo I can fork and make pull requests to?

    I’m michael-cannon on GitHub and the developer of