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Edward R. Jenkins - ACPS

Hi, I'm Edward. I'm a front-end developer, designer and writer. I like to build things for the Web, especially for WordPress. My skillset includes but is not limited to the following: HTML5, PHP, jQuery, CSS/CSS3 and Responsive design. I can help with custom WordPress design, WordPress plugins, Drupal, light graphic design, site performance and security, site migrations, database recovery, and SEO & local search optimization.

I work with clients in the Jacksonville, FL area as well as those across the US and around the world. I have clients ranging from Massachusetts to New York, San Francisco, Belgium, Australia and Denmark.

I prefer a minimal approach to design and WordPress theming and aim to keep things simple and clean. I'm a big fan of fast-loading WordPress themes that don't try to do too much -- i.e., a focus on presentation rather than functionality. I believe it's best to leave functionality up to plugins whenever possible to make things easier down the road for site owners and admins, especially when it comes to updates and migration.

I'm a believer in the power of open source as a means of liberating users without awful usage restrictions and conditions. For this reason, everything I make, whether free or commercial, is released under a GPL or similar license.

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