Time Magazine misinterprets the results of the Facebook relationship study

A study published by Jon Kleinberg (Cornell) and Lars Backstrom (Facebook, Inc.) is making its way around the web this week. Unfortunately, its data set and the ultimate conclusion are being badly misinterpreted by the media — including Time Magazine. Time’s Laura Stampler wrote a short piece highlighting the results of the study, along with the subtitle, “Quick, add all your boyfriend’s friends on Facebook.” This is incredibly poor advice — at least if you follow the lead of the paper….

Updates to Sagan

An update for my Sagan theme for WordPress has been approved and should show up in the official theme repository shortly. New features added: Slider subtitles Homepage widget area (replaces the four rows of posts for more control over the area) Misc. bug fixes, including the child theme issue

NewsFrame 2.0 released; major updates

Note: NewsFrame 2.0 should be live in the WordPress theme repository within a few days. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks updating my NewsFrame theme for WordPress, and thanks to user recommendations, I’ve added a host of new features that I feel make it a much better theme; at minimum, it’s a much better theme for news sites, with features catered to online publishers. Here’s a list of of the changes: The maximum width was reduced from 1160px to 1060px….

Let’s make NewsFrame better

I released NewsFrame last month with the idea of targeting small publishers and news sites that needed a WordPress theme catered to the specialty. It’s been downloaded nearly 5,000 times so far, and I’ve been encouraged by the feedback I’ve received. I’m getting ready to make some updates to the theme. I have a list of issues/features I’m working on, but I wanted to reach out to users. What features would make NewsFrame a better theme for news sites?

Found this on the bottom of the client’s custom post type template

Sometimes the shoddy work I run across is baffling and just not explicable in any sober sense (which is why I’ve added the Bad Developers section). I found this on the bottom of a new client’s custom-post type template. Because custom-post types are tasty? I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Man ponders himself, by Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius is considered the father of modern anatomy. His 1543 publication De humani corporis fabrica (The Fabric of the Human Body in Seven Books), provided detailed descriptions and drawings of the human body that redefined medicine by correcting ancient mistakes in our knowledge of human anatomy. The photo above is one of my favorite from the book (free online, translated from Latin) — it kind of reminds me of the Affe mit Schädel (Ape with skull) sculpture (19th century)…

I’m pretty sure I have the best 404 page ever.

Search bar? Check. Reference to an extinct hominin? Cheesy missing link reference? Check. Ardipithecus ramidus is represented in the fossil record by Ardi (most complete), along with other fragmentary specimens. A. radmidus predates “Lucy” (Australopithecus afarensis) by about a million years, with the most famous specimen being dated to 4.4 billion years BP. I probably can’t honestly lay claim to the “best 404 page ever” title, given that mine’s missing a page sitemap as well as any helpful information. But it’s certainly…

Auto publishing/posting to Google+ with WordPress

Google’s Plus API is currently read only, which makes it difficult to tap into all its potential. Hopefully in the future that will change. In the mean time, I’ve worked up a solution for WordPress users that want to automatically update their Google+ profile or page with new blog posts. It’s a revolting process that involves setting up your account with a Google Voice number and emailing (automatically through WordPress) the status update and a link to the published post….

Bartleby and NewsFrame added to WordPress theme repository

Two themes I’ve been working on for a while, Bartleby and NewsFrame, have been approved for the WordPress repository, and are now available publicly. Download Bartleby from WordPress.org Download NewsFrame from WordPress.org Bartleby is a writer/blogger theme that takes its name from the Herman Melville short story Bartleby, the Scrivener.   Newsframe is my attempt at making a theme suitable for online newspapers and journals.

New version of Classic Chalkboard released

Classic Chalkboard version 2.6 has been released and is now available in the WordPress repository. I added a few new features, and also cleaned up some of the code. A simple theme options panel is now active, offering the option to switch from the classic blackboard background to a green chalkboard background. The ability to easily turn off the footer credit link was also added. I also added a donation form. Donations — however small or large — are very…