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Classic Chalkboard was released in early 2013 and was selected by Automattic to be part of WordPress.com’s student-teacher education vertical.

Download Classic Chalkboard at WordPress.org

Chalkboard theme

  • Karen G

    I really like your Classic Chalkboard theme for our PTA website, but we want to include a logo without pushing the content down. Could we modify the theme to place an image next to the header text instead of above it?

    • edwardrj

      Thanks Karen. You should be able to remove the header text in the Themes>Header panel (checkbox at bottom) when using a custom logo. As far as placing it to the left of the logo, it would require making changes to the theme file. You can contact me via the website’s form if you’re interested in paid customizations.

  • Keanu Fonseca

    Hi Edward, this is amazing! Thank you. I have a question, is there a way to change the color of the title?

  • siao

    Nice theme< thank you! Could you help me – how I can use cyrillic fonts?

    • edwardrj

      Do you have a specific font in mind?

  • Mathieu

    I would like to traduce this theme. Will you give somme .po files with theme in a next update ?
    Thank you.
    P.S. I use this theme for a professionnal project… and I want to give a few onye for your work. How can I do ?

  • Juan Pedro

    Hi Edward. I’m currently using your Chalkboard theme right now. I have a problem with adding share buttons on it. Is there a way to fix it?