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Bdelloid rotifer digestion in action (video)

This Bdelloid rotifer (Philodina sp.) was found in water collected…read more

WordPress sites under attack again

Another large distributed attack on WordPress sites appears to be…read more

Bacteria in Coagulated Coffee

Taken with my OMAX at 2000x using oil immersion.

Released: Chrome extension to work around the Florida Times-Union’s paywall

The Florida Times-Union’s paywall has been getting on my nerves…read more

Solution: 404 – Page not found title on page located outside of WordPress

In some situations, one may need to use a page…read more

Did the NFL’s anti-intellectual environment get the best of Jonathan Martin?

Dolphins’ offensive tackle Jonathan Martin has taken a leave of…read more

Time Magazine misinterprets the results of the Facebook relationship study

A study published by Jon Kleinberg (Cornell) and Lars Backstrom…read more

Updates to Sagan

An update for my Sagan theme for WordPress has been approved…read more

NewsFrame 2.0 released; major updates

Note: NewsFrame 2.0 should be live in the WordPress theme…read more

Let’s make NewsFrame better

I released NewsFrame last month with the idea of targeting…read more