› How to use a child theme with NewsFrame Pro (Business Version)

How to use a child theme with NewsFrame Pro (Business Version)

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NewsFrame Pro - Create a Child ThemeIn WordPress, child themes can be used to add functionality — new or overriding — to existing WordPress themes. The main benefit of using a child theme compared to modifying the theme directly, is that you’ll be able to take advantage of important theme updates without having your changes overwritten.

Because the base version of NewsFrame Pro is a child theme, you cannot use a child theme with it (so-called “grandchild” themes don’t work in WordPress).

However, the Business Version of NewsFrame Pro is a standalone theme, which means you can use a child theme with it.

Read along with the following to learn how to create a child theme for NewsFrame Pro – Business, or just skip to the bottom to download a template which you can customize and use yourself.

1) Create a folder/directory to store your child theme.

2) Create a style.css file. This is the only *required* file for a child theme. Use the following as a guide for creating your child theme’s stylesheet:

 Theme Name:   NFPro Business Child
 Template:     nfprobusiness
 Version:      1.0.0
@import url("../nfprobusiness/styles/foundation.min.css");
@import url("../nfprobusiness/styles/newsframe-styles.css");
@import url("../nfprobusiness/style.css");
/* =Theme customization starts here
-------------------------------------------------------------- */

The “template” section tells WordPress which parent theme the child theme works with — in this case, that’s nfprobusiness, which corresponds to the NewsFrame Pro Business theme.

The three “@import url” lines are equally important, as these load up the parent theme’s stylesheet. The order must be preserved.

3) Make any additional customizations. Add your own overriding style rules in the theme customization section.

4) Add any additional files to the folder. For example, if you wanted to override the NewsFrame Pro Business header, copy the header.php file from the theme directory and include within your child theme directory. Then feel free to make any changes to the file. When a file with the same name exists within a child-theme directory, that file is loaded in lieu of the parent theme’s file.

The exception is functions.php, which is loaded prior to the parent theme’s functions.php file.

5) Archive your directory into a .zip file, and install it via the WP admin panel. Alternatively, FTP the folder into your wp-content/themes/ directory, and then activate it via the dashboard.

Setting up a child theme is the first step to customizing NewsFrame Pro Business. Be sure to read through the child theme documentation on the WordPress Codex.

NewsFrame Pro Business Version Child Theme Template:


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