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Staffer is a staff-management solution for WordPress-based sites. It uses WP’s custom-post type feature to add a new “Staff” section to the admin panel, from which you can add and manage staff members as easily as blog posts.

Staffer is 100% free, and is released under a GPL license, so it can be used on commercial or non-commercial projects. The plugin features a robust options panel, including:

  • Staff layout options (grid or list)
  • Listings per page
  • Custom titles and URL slugs
  • Experimental sidebar
  • Custom CSS
  • Staff profile fields and contact links
  • Custom content wrappers
  • Default content wrappers for popular themes

Download from WordPress.org

Installation and Set Up

  1. Upload the ‘staffer’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install via the WP plugin panel
  2. Activate via the Dashboard>Plugins menu.
  3. Visit Dashboard>Settings>Staffer Options to set it up

Options Panel Overview

Staff Layout

Check this option to use the staff grid layout. If left unselected, the staff list (blog-style) format is used.

Listings per page

Choose the number of staff listings per page. If you want to show all listings on a single page, set this value arbitrarilly high (e.g. 99).

Staffer Page Title

Choose the page title displayed on your staffer archive page. The default title is “Staff.” This title is also used in the individual staff breadcrumbs.

Staffer URL slug

Set the URL slug for your staff profiles. The default value is “staff.”

Disable CSS

Check this if you want to disable all Staffer CSS. You can then add your own CSS either via your theme’s stylesheet or the Custom CSS box below.

Use custom wrappers

Check this box to activate custom content wrappers. Try this out, and then input your custom wrappers below, if Staffer doesn’t flow well with your theme.

Custom start wrapper

Input the custom content wrappers you want to use, if any (above feature must be activated). Use this for your opening HTML wrappers.

Custom end wrapper

Use this for your closing HTML wrappers.

Enable Staff sidebar

Check this box to enable the sidebar. This feature is currently experimental, and probably won’t work with most themes. For advanced sidebar usage, set up a custom Staffer template (see the FAQ).

Custom CSS

Use this for any custom CSS you want to use to override the Staffer defaults.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Set Up a Custom Template?

Example with sample

Staffer uses two main templates: archive-staff.php and single-staff.php. If these files are present within your theme directory, Staffer will load your custom files rather than the plugin’s default files. So, to create a custom template, you might start by copying archive-staff.php and single-staff.php into your theme’s template. Then you could proceed to customize the template to your satisfaction. Some basic HTML/PHP skills will generally be needed for this. If you aren’t comfortable with this, I suggest reaching out to a competent developer. I’m also available for paid support and customization, so please contact me through my website should you need assistance.

Using some combination of custom templates and custom wrappers, Staffer should work with most any WordPress theme.

How Do I Use Staffer’s Shortcodes?

There are two ways to use shortcodes: 1) standard method. 2) manual method.

In the default method, you can use shortcodes while keeping Staffer’s archive pages enabled. If you want to use shortcodes exclusively, check the “Manual Method” option in the Staffer Options panel to disable the main “Staff” page.

Follow this format for shortcodes:


The above example would output all of the staff listings in default order.

To fine-tune, you can use parameters:

[staffer number="5" department="slug"]

In the above example, “number” refers to the number of entries to retrieve, and “department” refers to the department name slug. For instance, if you only wanted to show a list of members in department term with the “management” slug, you would pass “management” as a parameter.

Other parameters include “order” and “orderby” — and all parameters are optional.

Using the extra parameters, you could reorder the entries using WP_Query’s order and orderby parameters.

For example, if you wanted to display 50 staff members, ordered by name alphabetically, you would do the following:

[staffer number="50" order="ASC" orderby="name"]

How Can I Set the Order of Staff Profiles?

For now, use a custom ordering plugin, such as Post Types Order, available in the WordPress plugin repository. I plan on adding this functionality to Staffer in the future.

How Do I Use Custom Content Wrappers?

Custom content wrappers are used when Staffer doesn’t flow well with your theme. Due to the incredible diversity of WordPress themes, I’ve included this option for folks that find the default wrappers do not work for them. You will need to utilize Chrome’s Developer Tools or a Firefox add-on like Firebug to inspect the page elements to find your theme’s content wrappers. For example, here is the start of the content wrapper for the Twenty-Twelve theme:

<div id="primary" class="site-content"><div id="content" role="main">

And here is the end wrapper:


What Size Should the Staff Images Be?

The ideal size, as shown in the plugin screenshots, is 250×200. However a variety of image sizes will work. To preserve the formatting, make sure all your images are uniform in size, particularly if you are using the Staffer grid layout.

Where Can I Get Support?

You may seek community support within the WordPress.org forums. I will try to monitor and assist as needed. If you need immediate, hands-on, paid support, please contact me.


  • Derek

    Downloaded it, created a few profiles but for the life of me I can’t figure how to display the actual list or profiles.

    Is there a shortcode I need to use?

    • edwardrj

      Check out the Settings panel. The default archive slug is /staff. It can be customized.

      • dev

        How can i get the entire staff listing on a page

        • edwardrj

          In Settings>Staffer, set the items per page to “-1” to show all, or to some arbitrarily high number

      • mreyes

        my slug is not pulling as a submenu item instead of /about/leadership the permalink is /leadership — any ideas?

        • Edward

          Can you share your URL?

  • Marc

    I tried to install the plugin and went through all of the settings and when I go to /staff it gives me the Not Found. Also tried to change the slug to something else and get the same result. Any suggestions?

  • Dan

    Thanks for the plugin. It does what I need and does it well. Is there a way I can disable individual staff pages? They aren’t playing nice with my theme and at this point it would be easier just to disable them than to try to fix it currently. Thanks for any hep you can provide.

    • edwardrj

      Sorry for the long wait. The new version has some new options to control the staff bio excerpt. Check it out and see if that works for you.

  • Perry

    OK. So I installed the plugin. I entered some staff…. how do I get the staff to appear on the site? This is the URL http://severnchildcare.com/

    • edwardrj

      Check out the Settings panel. The default archive slug is /staff. It can be customized. So with the default setup, your staff URL would be http://severnchildcare.com/staff

      • Perry

        Awesome. Thanks so much. One more question. I would like the page to use the default template which has a right side bar. How do I pull that off? Like this page http://severnchildcare.com/our-company/our-mission/

        • edwardrj

          You’ll probably need to create a custom template named single-staff.php and drop it in your theme’s folder. There’s an experimental sidebar feature in the options panel, but it’s still in beta. See the above documentation for creating a custom template.

          • Josh Jennings

            Just a heads up…. when I turn on the side bar function it seems that I get a list of my menu bar pages on each of my staffer powered pages. It does not give me other options. I had to turn it off, Totally cool.. I know it’s in Beta!

  • Carlos

    Is there a way to tie staff members to actual user/authors on the site so you can display all their post on their individual page? Any help would be appreciated.

    • edwardrj

      Hi Carlos, Staffer does not currently offer this option, but it sounds like a great idea. I will add that to the list of future considerations.

      • Carlos

        Thanks for the quick feedback! Hmmm what to do now, back to the drawing board…..

  • Pinker

    Is it possible to change the order list?

    • Josh Jennings

      It would be great if and of high importance if you could change the order – by alphabet and even up and down on the list. It seems it would be not effective to allow you to assign by number order – and less of importance – however I suppose that could be a feature. I have not figured out how to do this yet, as I don’t think it’s an option.

  • Josh Jennings

    Is there a quick way to make the “List” page have thumbnails of the original image that’s uploaded as “set feature image”?

    • edwardrj

      See the Settings>Staffer Options panel. There’s an option in there to set the thumbnail size.

  • Nyla

    I’ve set everything up but the page does not display on the menu and is not in the pages list?

    • federico

      how did you solve? I cannot find the URL to access the list…

      • edwardrj

        The URL can be set in the Staffer Options panel. By default, it’s /staff

        • federico

          It doesn’t work to me, /staff returns not found error :/

          • edwardrj

            Try re-saving your permalink settings in Settings>General, and if that doesn’t work, please send me an email.

  • Nyla

    …so nothing is working! The plugin looks great…where am I going wrong? The staff are in the staff members section but this does not seem to have created a staff portfolio and associated page. Thanks.

    • Nyla

      thanks for the reply Edward (via email)…very helpful. Nyla

  • http://philstrong.com Phil Strong

    Hey, I’m loving this plug-in so far and am keen to make it look as good as I can. Can you please give me some direction on how to display less content in the archive page, as you’ve done with your example screenshot. (At the moment I have way too much info showing). Thanks!

    • edwardrj

      I’m not sure what you’re referring to. What info do you want to hide on the archive pages?

      • http://philstrong.com Phil Strong

        I would like to display only a portion of the bio/description on the url/staff page with a “tile” view. You’ve managed to do this in your example with the neat grid view on the summary page in your screenshot, with the full bio visible on Charles Darwin’s page. Here’s my work in progress: http://www.eastsidechurch.org.nz/staff. (I’d prefer to keep the text on this page a lot shorter.) Thanks :)

        • edwardrj

          I see. This can be done by using a manual excerpt for each profile. When the excerpt box is used, it overrides the normal auto excerpt.

          • http://philstrong.com Phil Strong

            Thanks man! Sometimes (often) I just need a little push in the right direction #alwayslearning

  • Kat

    Hi there, I’ve set up staff profiles and can view them through the admin board, but I can’t seem to make /staff work to see them and I haven’t modified any of the slugs, etc. in settings. How do you get access to the staff page?

    • edwardrj

      Trying re-saving your permalink settings or saving the options panel settings once.

  • http://philstrong.com Phil Strong

    Hey Edward, me again! You’ve been super helpful and I’m loving this plug-in. I was happy to send a donation through Paypal – keep up the good work! Here’s a new question: is there a way to have the tile view aligned from the top of the staff entry and not the bottom? See on http://www.eastsidechurch.org.nz/staff/ how they are all mis-aligned at the top, but aligned at the bottom? Your help is much appreciated 😉

    • edwardrj

      This will be corrected in the next update. For now, add the following CSS. You may also want to use custom wrappers — it doesn’t look like the default ones flow well with your theme.

      .staffer-archive-grid li {
      display: inline-table;

      • http://philstrong.com Phil Strong

        Dude, you are awesome. Thanks so much for your help, this worked a treat.

  • Johnny

    Hey bro, really, digging your plugin. Could you tell me how I could get the archive layout like the one in the screen shots? I’ve chosen the grid layout and stuff but all the words in the bio show up in the staff list. Thanks

    • edwardrj

      The new version has some new options to control the staff bio excerpt. Check it out and see if that works for you.

  • Bernard


    est il possible de mettre le president en haut avec des branches pour en dessous etc…c comme un vrai organigramme?

    • edwardrj

      DĂ©solĂ©, ce message a Ă©tĂ© gĂ©nĂ©rĂ© avec le logiciel de traduction automatique. Je ne peux pas penser Ă  une façon simple d’intĂ©grer ce automatiquement. Vous pouvez crĂ©er un template personnalisĂ© – en remplaçant le fichier archive-staff.php du plugin dans votre thĂšme, puis la mise en place le code manuellement .

  • Bernard

    comment au moins avoir une meillleur disposition

    voir ici : http://fcbayern-fr.com/test/test1/staff/

    • edwardrj

      On your custom wrapper, change the following CSS:


  • Aaron Lee

    Edward – great plugin! Any experience editing the template to work with the Genesis theme? I have tinkered around with it, but either get staffer with no sidebar or any page formatting, or I get staffer AND a separate page with the content of my staff.

    And…any way to get staffer in a widget?

  • http://bobbymcgraw.com Bobby McGraw

    Hi there – I love the looks of your plugin! I am building a new site and can’t seem to figure out how to make the background of the staff page white. Any suggestions? http://www.sugarhill.church/staff/ Thanks!

    • edwardrj

      Hi Bobby, try using the content wrapper from your full-width template, as seen here: http://www.sugarhill.church/columns/

      • http://bobbymcgraw.com Bobby McGraw

        Thanks for the reply. I have given it a try, but haven’t had any luck. I guess I’m not familiar enough with the code and what to grab.

  • Dennis Abat

    Hi Edward, Cool plugin, how can i change the thumbnail size so it displays 3 columns instead of two columns grid? I don’t see the thumbnail size option in the staffers option. Thanks in advance!

    • Spencer

      I would like to know this too?

      • edwardrj

        You need to adjust your content wrapper — which theme are you using?

        • Andy

          I would also like to know this. I am using divi from elegant themes.

          • edwardrj

            Use the custom content wrapper fields in the Staffer option’s panel. Inspect the page elements on any of your other pages to find the ids and classes you need to use.

          • Andy

            I did that and it just put one on each row. This is the page that I’m working on http://mbm.church/staff/

          • edwardrj

            Looks like there’s a CSS rule in you theme stylesheet that adds a 40px left margin to li elements. Use this to override for Staffer: http://pastebin.com/ZbfM0DqE

    • edwardrj

      You need to adjust your content wrappers — which theme are you using?

  • Fatou

    Great! Thanks :)

  • MX2 Gaming

    ok im new to wp and i am trying to use your staffer plugin. i have the staff page set up but i can not get the staff page on the menu on the home page. instead it gives the first staff member on the menu. how to i get “staff” to show up on my menu and link it to my staff page?

    • edwardrj

      I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to accomplish — you want the Staff page to be the site’s front page. Can you post your URL?

      • MX2 Gaming

        sorry. i figured it out. thanks!

  • davidbitton

    May I suggest that Staffer looks for custom template files in get_stylesheet_directory() . ‘/staffer/’. This is how WP Job Manager does it. It just keeps the plugin’s templates in it’s own folder. Neater that way.

  • David

    I’m having trouble getting the “Staff Member Details” fields to stay filled. I fill them in, save the draft (or publish), and the form fields go blank. So the information’s not showing up on the individual staffer pages.

  • donnie

    When I click department after setting grid type, it shows listed department members and shows “Read more”. Please help me out!

    • edwardrj

      The “department” link shows a list of other staff members in that department. What were you trying to accomplish?

      If you just want to remove the read_more link, that will be handled through your theme — Staffer just inherits whatever the default setting is:


      • donnie

        I want to show them in listed mode. And I realized last night is that, as I click a department, WordPress seems to execute arhive.php of theme Point instead of archive-staff.php of directory staffer.

        • edwardrj

          It should be using taxonomy-staffer-archive.php.

          • donnie

            As I confgiure grid mode in general setting, “View Staff Page” display staffs in grid mode, but department staffs not in grid mode. How can I display them in grid mode?

          • edwardrj

            Looks like you’ve found a bug. I’ll push out the change with the next update.

          • Andy

            LEGEND! Best support I have ever had!

  • philthebass

    Hi, am having a play with your plugin. Looks great. Is there anyway to filter by department?

  • Calvin Xola

    How do I customize the grid layout?

  • Hoosier Lacrosse

    I just installed the plugin and my page is all black and no pictures show up. So far this appears to be the best solution for me but not willing to purchase if this is a bug. http://hoosierlacrosse.com/staff/

    • edwardrj

      You need to set up the content wrappers to match the markup found on your other page. See the settings panel for the input boxes.

  • PhantomCanary

    Is there a way of paginating the grid view? So if I have 20 staff, I can show the first 10, then have link to show the next 10, etc

  • 21CTV

    Well done with this plugin – very good indeed. Only one suggestion: is there any chance of adding a YouTube field in the next update?

    • Michael Lotus Pait

      And instagram. Or the ability to add our own/upload icons.

  • Gayatri Patel Bahl

    I have two questions, is there a way to filter staff and second, is there a way to change the ‘language’ for department to something else?

  • Haluk Aydoğan

    How can I combine staff members to my own site members?

    Also I wonder…. if the plugin do that:

    I want my staff follow their own sub-stuffs and their datas like “statistics, etc” I have statistic plugin and if it is combine with that other plugins or not?

  • Fred Henderson

    I love the Staffer plugin however, it changed my background color from “white” to a “light tan” matching the background of the entire page…..Brennandentistry.info/staff.. If you look at the other pages, they have a white background with a tan border…