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Edward R. Jenkins

WordPress theme and plugin development, and sometimes mildly insightful musings.

Edward R. Jenkins
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My Projects

Staffer is an add-on for WordPress that creates a new staff section in the backend for easy admin management of staff or other group members. It features a robust options panel that allows for multiple display options (grid or list layout), custom CSS, whitelabel options, custom titles, and custom URL slugs. It includes several built-in content wrappers for maximum theme compatibility, and allows for custom content wrappers via the options panel, making it compatible with almost any WordPress theme.

In the backend, Staffer works by taking advantage of WP's register_post_type() function to initiate a custom post type for the staff profiles, with variables connected to user-inputted options for the various parameters. It also uses add_meta_box() to add additional sections to the staff profile editor, including social links for each member.

Nifty Related Posts adds related posts by category to the bottom of the single posts template. There are a ton of these plugins out there, but I wasn't happy with any of them, so I made my own. Nifty includes options for users to select whether or not to show a related post's thumbnails, as well as the applicable thumbnail's size and placement (using WP's core media classes), along with the excerpt length. It also includes options for the number of related posts to display and a user-configured section heading title.

In the backend, Nifty works by tapping into WP's the_content() filter which appends the container and related posts to the end of the single post's content. Paywall Buster

Pissed off about the Florida Times-Union's move to paywalled content? Me too! Use this extension, and browse without a so-called premium member account. It works by masking the user agent and hiding the overlays.

Codon is a starter theme for WordPress that's perfect for building. It features minimal styling, plenty of useful Customizer options for content presentation, and filters and actions for developers to use.

Codon is built with Zurb's Foundation 5 framework and Automattic's _s starter theme. The Foundation backbone ensures sites built with Codon are fully responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet delivery.

NewsFrame is a responsive WordPress theme geared towards online publishers. It features a newspaper/magazine-style layout, infinite scroll, a sticky top menu, featured videos, subtitles, headline content management, a font-icon social bar and a robust theme options panel that lets users choose from one, two or three-column layouts, along with other options.

NewsFrame is built with the mobile-first Foundation 5 (originally on Foundation 3) for maximum mobile scalability. It incorporates infinite scroll with graceful degradation, along with a user-selectable option to disable. It features Font Awesome's font-icon library and 10 widget areas along with 3 menu areas. NewsFrame also comes with several custom page templates, including a static-page with blog posts and a full-width page.

NewsFrame Pro is the premium version of the free NewsFrame theme. In addition to the features in the base version of NewsFrame, NewsFrame Pro features a user-selectable header layout (stacked or column display), 10 different color schemes, 10 Google Font pairings, and various theme options to customize the display. Two ad areas are also included, along with a custom ad widget and a category posts widget.

In the backend, NewsFrame Pro is coded to load fast -- unlike many other premium themes with lots of options. Stylesheets for the selectable color schemes and font-pairings and loaded based on user selection, which reduces the overall number of HTTP requests for a speedy site. NewsFrame Pro uses the WP Settings API for its theme-options panel, and incorporates Liquid Slider for the featured content.

Chalkboard is a whimsical blogging theme emulating a classic school chalkboard, complete with a bottom-resting eraser and chalk. Chalkboard was ported by Automattic (the company behind WordPress) for use with blogs and featured as part of their student-education vertical launched in 2013.

Chalkboard is built on Automattic's Underscores frame and includes a theme options panel that lets users choose from a black or green chalkboard background.

Bartleby, the Blogger, is a free blogging theme for WordPress inspired by the great Herman Melville short story (Bartleby, the Scrivener). Bartleby features a clean, minimal layout, with a theme options panel allowing for custom logo upload, excerpt length, and archive post layouts (blog-style, two or three-columns).

Bartleby is fully responsive and based on Foundation 3. It also includes infinite scroll with graceful degradation and an option for users to disable.

Natero is a Palo Alto-based big data startup. I spliced their designer's PSD into a custom theme that features seven custom page templates, a theme options panel, an app-style slide-out mobile menu and a Masonry cascading grid layout for the blog.

Project Notes
  • jQuery Masonry blog layout
  • Custom post types and templates, including those for white papers, video and audio
  • Based on Foundation 5
  • jPanel slide-out menu
  • Custom meta boxes for page template tabbed content
  • FontAwesome font-icon library

Critical Path Training is an industry leader in Microscoft SharePoint training founded by two Microsoft MVPs. My work on this project is mostly backend, including a site member section with protected content, custom post types for articles, presentations and code samples, along with interconnected custom post types for courses and instructors, and their respective templates.

Project Notes
  • Customized S2Member integration
  • Customized toolbar for site members
  • Custom course/instructor rating and review system
  • Integration with Events Manager
  • Multiple custom post types and taxonomies
  • Membership integration with SalesForce
  • Media/Video integration with BrightCove
  • User-selectable course builder with tabbed modules and custom meta boxes

Enchanted Celebrations is a New Jersey-based bridal services and bridal show company. This project involved splicing a PSD to port their designer's layout into a custom theme, along with some custom backend work. The site is based on the mobile-first Foundation 5 framework and uses the Orbit slider.

Project Notes
  • Custom vendor directory for members featuring sortable bridal-show vendors
  • Extended integration of Event Espresso
  • Advanced Gravity Forms development
  • Extended integration of WooCommerce on client site
  • Branded Wedding Countdown App for the Google Chrome browser
  • Integration with Zoho CRM