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Like NewsFrame but want more options and premium support? Check out NewsFrame Pro, available in two flavors: as a child theme for the base NewsFrame theme, or as a standalone option.


Download Newsframe from WordPress.org


I. Adding Your Own Logo

Upload your logo via FTP or through the WordPress Media Manager, and then paste the URL in the “Site Logo” field in the Theme Options panel.

II. Customizing the template.

Use a child theme or a custom CSS plugin to override the theme’s core styles and templates.Take advantage of this file to prevent theme updates from wiping out all of your customizations

Please note that if you customize other elements of the template, such as the index.php or single.php file, your changes
will be discarded with theme updates. If you want to make changes to these files, make a backup and/or manually replace the
necessary modified files after updates.

III. Using the Full-Width Template

The full-width template lets you create a page (not a post) without a sidebar easily. To do so, select “Full Width” in the
Page Attributes>Template section on the page editing screen.

IV. Using Full-Width Posts

Use this plugin and select the full-width blog post template from the post editing screen.

V. Using Featured Images and Subtitles on Posts

The default front page is configured to automatically display a post’s featured image and subtitle below the article
headline. The feature image will not be automatically added to the individual post page itself; you’ll need to insert it
into the content to display it on the full article page.

Subtitles are displayed on individual article pages and the home page (latest post). To add an article subtitle, use the
the custom meta box that appears on the post editing screen.

VII. Page of Blog Posts

Use the Blog Posts Page template to display recent blog posts on a static page.

VIII. Featured Videos

Use the featured video box on the post editing screen to display a featured video on the latest post as well as on single post pages. If used, this video overrides the featured-image thumbnail on the front page.

IX. Featured Story Management

Activate the option via the theme options panel, and add the tag “featured” to the article you want to promote to the featured news section. The most recent one will be displayed.

X. Home Page Widget Areas

This feature was added in conjunction with a new widget for category-specific posts (NewsFrame Category Posts in Appearance>Widgets).

  • http://www.incidentallyme.com/ Kendra

    What are the recommended logo dimensions for this theme?

    • edwardrj

      Hi Kendra. A range of 400px to 1200px should be okay on the width. The logo will automatically center.

  • http://www.marcelopedra.com.ar/blog/ Marcelo Pedra

    Hi. I need to publish full width posts with this theme, but I cannot find the CSS rule which control the width in single posts. Any hint?

    • edwardrj

      Doesn’t support that yet, but may in a near-future version. In the meantime try using the plugin “Custom Post Types.”

      • http://www.marcelopedra.com.ar/blog/ Marcelo Pedra

        Thanks! Edward, I dont find that plugin. Maybe is deprecated? Can you recommend someone? http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=custom+post+types

        • edwardrj
          • http://www.marcelopedra.com.ar/blog/ Marcelo Pedra

            OK, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

          • Guest

            Hey, I am having a similar problem as Marcelo. The theme is brilliant otherwise. I’ve downloaded and installed the plugin above, and have read the instructions on the site, but can’t seem to figure out how to get it to be compatible with your theme. Any chance you could give step by step instructions?

          • BalaclavaDiscourse

            Hey, I am having a similar problem as Marcelo. The theme is brilliant otherwise. I’ve downloaded and installed the plugin above, and have read the instructions on the site, but can’t seem to figure out how to get it to be compatible with your theme. Any chance you could give step by step instructions? Great theme btw.

          • edwardrj

            Hey, I’m going to create a template for use with that plugin to make it easier for everybody. I’m finalizing an update this week and will hopefully have it pushed through over the weekend.

          • http://www.marcelopedra.com.ar/blog/ Marcelo Pedra

            I’m interested too. Let us know here when some release is available :)

          • Edward

            NP – update has been released!

          • edwardrj

            For now email me through the contact form and I’ll send you the file you need.

  • Kumail

    Hi is there anyway that I can have posts assigned to specific pages like writing an article and assigning it to the “World” page and then putting another article on the same page without having to enter it in that same textbox because it looks really sloppy.

    • edwardrj

      Hi. You would use categories, not pages for this. Create your categories and assign the posts to the specific category, and they will display on the category archive page. You can add this link to your menu or sidebar.

  • Bitácora Diplomática

    Good morning Edward; I just downloaded your theme and I am trying it out
    How do I get the media/picture to appear in the first page with the article?
    Please advice
    Also, is the first page customizable?
    We would like to see a widget to the left of the first page to include basic info about the blog.
    waiting for your reply
    [email protected]

    • edwardrj

      Hi Rafael, the headline image is set by using WP’s built-in featured-image selector on the post editing screen. The home page doesn’t include a widget area right now, but may in the future.

  • Patric

    Thanks for your News Frame theme, it’s amazing. To get a little cleaner look, I would like to remove the search bar. Could you give me a hint how I do it?

    • Edward

      Hey Patric, create a child theme and copy over the header.php file. In the copied header.php file in the child theme, remove or comment out get_search_form() from the header.


    • edwardrj

      Hey Patric, install a Custom CSS plugin and add this style rule. #searchform {display:none;}

  • John De Gennaro

    I was wondering how to get the page to load with the sidebar. It loads to a main page with an arrow down at the bottom. When you click the arrow it starts a page with a side bar. I want the second page to be the home page. Any suggestions? JD

    • edwardrj

      I originally made the home page with a sidebar. I’ll probably add the option again with the next update.

      • John De Gennaro

        Well very good then. Its a great theme. Thanks for all your hard work. JD

  • the ed

    As seen in the pic below, the YouTube video won’t default into full width when I post an article. How do I change that?

    • edwardrj

      Surround it with this code using the “Text” tab on the editor: video embed code here

      • the ed

        Thanks so much Edward. Again, great theme!

  • belumira

    Hi! I’m loving this theme. I was wondering, how can I make the single entry page full width?

  • disqus_4Lmok5BSXO

    Loving the theme but I’d like a few different icons in the ‘social media bar’
    My only question really is where to put them (upload via FTP) I can’t seem to find them.
    Fairly confident I can copy the php code of the others to make more.

  • Jason Scarabin

    Hi Edward – I LOVE (times 1 billion) this Newsframe theme. The date below the logo does not appear to be matching my local time. How and where do I make that change? Thank you, Sir!

    • edwardrj

      Thanks Jason. You should be able to change that in Settings>General>Timezone

      • Jason Scarabin

        Thanks for the reply, Edward! For some reason, it didn’t fix it. I did change my local time from Los Angeles to UTC-8 which should be the same… BUT right this very minute (16:16 PT on Saturday, November 09, 2013), it already displays Sunday, November 10, 2013. Certainly not a deal breaker and so sorry to bug you about it. I’ll dig into the php and see if there’s anything in there that may have an impact (without having any impact on the overall look – which, in my opinion is the perfect WordPress theme!). Thanks again, Edward!

  • Jose A. Varias

    Hey Edward! I am completely in love with this theme! However, with the update, I have 404 problems every time I click on a link on the front page. The only page that works is the front page. Any helps or suggestion on how I can fix this?

    • edwardrj

      Hi Jose, this happens sometimes in WordPress. Try going to Settings>Permalinks and re-saving your permalink options.

  • Sheila Raghavendran

    Hi! How did you put in the Local News, Politics and Sports boxes under the featured post in the preview page that you have on this website? Are they widgets or categories that you can add more posts to?

  • Lou

    Love the theme, Getting really fast page speeds with a few tweaks. 98% and 92% at Gtmetrix, and I have not finished tweaking, Awesome!

  • Lou

    Please remove post, realized it was not possible what I was asking

  • Lou

    I need a static front page, but I want it to look like the blog now does (used template blog) does this mean I would need to use a html page for my front page – as this page won’t change at all – or a drag and drop builder? I need to keep the blog as it is. Any suggestions please.

  • Lou

    Just wondering what the thumbnail images sizes for this theme are, and what you think is the best size to upload, thanks.

  • Lou

    Still loving this theme, so love how large the text is, looks like an expensive theme!
    I am just wondering how I might remove the related posts as it is showing categories that are not related?

    • edwardrj

      Hi Lou, this requires coding to change. You may contact me through this site if you want to pursue paid modifications. I’m unable to provide theme customization for free.

  • Lou

    Is this theme still being maintained? Been 18 days since I posted and have not heard back so just wondering if I need to change my theme or not. I would like to keep it if possible.

  • http://www.citizengazette.net Citizen Gazette-News

    I like this theme! I was wondering why the column view was removes from the default page? How do I get it back?

    • edwardrj

      The way it was coded wasn’t working as it should’ve, so I scrapped it. I’m working on a new block grid layout for the soon-to-be-released NewsFrame Pro.

  • http://grandjunctionbusinessreview.com/ poster

    love this theme. can I turn off or delete the comment box at the bottom of the page?

    • Edward

      Just turn off comments on all the pages and it won’t show up (unless there are published comments already). If the latter is the case, you can either delete the comment(s) or make a child theme and override the template to prevent the display of the comments section.

  • Cyrus


    Love this theme – I was wondering how I remove the search bar from the top of the home page? Is coding necessary for this small edit?

  • ognapolean

    So, if I purchase the business version upgrade, will this speed up the site? I love this theme. My only complaint is the load time.

    • edwardrj

      NewsFrame is generally faster loading than most themes, considering its features. If you post your URL, I’d be happy to take a look at the loading time to see what’s going on.

    • Edward

      I checked it out and your speed issues are caused by a very slow server and plugins. Try upgrading to a better host.

  • Chip

    Hi! Is there a way to avoid duplicating the Featured Story post and not have it appear in the other most recent posts on the home page?

    • edwardrj

      Not currently, but I will probably add this option in the future.

  • Line Pitch

    It would be great if the blog page would have the infinite scroll http://linepitch.com/news-blog/ right ow it will only load the number of posts allocated on settings, and that’s it.

    • edwardrj

      I see what you mean. That page is really not meant for pagination — just a list of recent posts. I’d recommend using a category page for that functionality (perhaps a top-level category), a tag, or by setting your posts page in Settings->Reading. That template is not meant to be set as the main posts page, though.

  • http://owenwalters.net/ Owen

    Would you ever consider porting this theme over to Drupal?